Let Arasssg worry about the peripheral tasks while you focus on generating revenue for your business.

Here at Arasssg, we understand the challenges that SME's face in today's highly competitive and resource constricted business environment.

The majority of your resources need to be deployed to cater to your core competencies in order to maintain your competitive edge. We offer a wide array of services to small and medium enterprises so that your resources are available to be utlised by you as you require.

By outsourcing your accounting to us, we will ensure that your bookeeping is well managed and taken care of. Having a proper set of accounts can be an invaluable asset, the benefits of which, go far beyond record keeping.

Tasks like cash flow projections, monitoring of revenue and expenses as well as holistically understanding the financial state of your company becomes a lot easier when you have access to a complete and clear set of accounts.

Are you also thinking of expanding to the neighbouring country of Malaysia?

Our business consultancy department here in Arasssg, together with its associate partners in Malaysia, would be happy to help you uncover your potential and explore the market you are interested to venture in. We will ensure that the process of incorporating your own company in Malaysia is a smooth and efficient one.

Whether it is accounting outsourcing, business consulting or conversion from one set of accounting standards to another,.

Arasssg offers practical and cost-effective solutions to allow you to focus on what is important for your business.